We really stretch out for the last meter!

GEBHARDT ConBoom® telescopic belt conveyors extend the automated material handling path into the storage area and thereby become „ the first and last meter“ of the in-house material flow system. GEBHARDT Material handling technology thereby provides a link between Transport Logistics and the Receiving Department at the delivery of cargo or between the Shipping Department and the transport vehicle at Delivery. System breakdowns are avoided and the employees at the ramp are relieved.

Flexible, customizable access systems are the key to success. Efficiency, loading procedures which save time and energy simplify the material flow. Integrated systems ensure smooth transition from transport logistics to in-house material handling technology - in every direction.

As an extendable belt conveyor, the GEBHARDT ConBoom® is integrated directly into the material flow. It is installed on the ramp subsequently to Receiving or Shipping and in its capacity as the unloading material handler, it takes on the cargo, which is transferred from the truck into the material flow. Installed as the loading material handler between Shipping and transport vehicles, GEBHARDT ConBoom® telescopic belt conveyors handle the bulk of the loading work.

The employees at the ramp can concentrate on two tasks: The extension or retraction of the GEBHARDT ConBoom® telescopic belt conveyor into the correct position and placing the cargo during unloading or removing the cargo during loading, just by pressing a button. The ergonomic design and the large degree of safeguards, such as covering of all moveable parts are important factors for high productivity and safety at the work place.  Everything else is handled by the system through complete integration into the conveyor technology.

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